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Trend Alalysis for SLA

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I wonder which is the best way to provide a dashboard to our Management in which they can easily see the trend of closing requests within SLA on a montly basis.
the report should answer to the question: "how many requests (IN and SR) were closed within the fix time this month/quarter/year against the previous month/quarter/year?"
Any suggestion is appreciated!

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Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone

So this is possible through Advanced Analytics - you would need at least a separate chart for each time range (month/quarter/year) but after that you have various options. 
The below is an example of the percent of both Incidents and Service Requests that met the resolution SLA each month. 
But you could have a count instead, or you might have two lines - one for Incidents, and one for Service Requests (both on the same chart as a comparison)

(Sorry It's not the best data set to show in an example! :unsure:)



Is that the type of thing you are looking for?

Kind Regards


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Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. To set up the above:

Step 1: Create the First Measure - % Of Incidents within SLA

To do this, in the Admin tool. navigate to Applications --> Service Manager --> Advanced Analytics --> Measures - and then create a new measure as per the below screen\shots:





And Click "Save"

Step 2: Create the First Measure - % Of Service Requests within SLA

Click the little arrow next to Save Button of the Measure that you have just created - and select "Save As" to make a copy of it - and give you new measure a name (something like "% of Service Requests within SLA")



Once copied, change the bottom section as per the below screenshot:



Click Save

You now should have two newly created Measures

Step 3: Select and Resample the Measures

Now back on the measures screen, have a look at the two measures you have created and select the tickboxes next to them. 

Then click the "resample" button - this will run the two measures and collect the data for them (it usually takes anything from 5-20 mins)



Step 4: Create the Widget 

In Adavanced Analytics -> Widgets, create a new widget (give it the name you require with the "Data Chart" type. 

On the "Source" tab, you will need to set up as per the screenshot below. 
(A "series" is effectively adding the measure. Firstly you add the first series - your Incident Measure, and give it a name like "Incidents". Once added, click the "Add Series" button again and select your newly created Service Request Measure, and give it a name like "Service Requests".)
Once both are added, you should see both sets of Data appear on the chart:



The final step is to make the widget look pretty - e.g. change it from a bar chart to line chart, add data labels etc. This is all performed on the "design" tab:



Once complete, click save - and your widget is now available to be used on Dashboards etc.
At the end of the month, the measures will automatically update with the previous months data - so you should not have to click the "resample data" button again, it should be automatic. 

I hope this helps and the above steps help get you started here!

Kind Regards


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