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I think I see what's happened here. We've made some architectural changes to the update processing, and currently your out of date SIS service is now unable to communicate with the Hornbill back-end successfully in order to update itself.

The best way to resolve this is to download the latest SIS service (the download button is on the same page as your screenshot), and install that.

If you manually stop the EspSisService, and then delete the contents of C:\Program Files\Hornbill\Site Integration Server, that will allow a fresh install to proceed. Once that's done, if you then re-pair, everything should be up to date and working.

I realise this is all a bit of a hassle, and I'd like to apologise for the trouble we're causing you, but it's a one-off thing. Once the new SIS service is up and running, it will then  auto-update correctly in the future.


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