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Catalog items visibility/availability limitation?

Alberto M

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We have been implementing automation so requests are raised automatically from external applications. For this, we created specific catalog items where requests should only be raised by this automated processes and not by customers, nor by analysts.

So, besides setting the access to the catalog item only to service desk, to avoid customers to raise requests (and have access to these requests as well), we would like to avoid service desk to raise requests manually for these catalog items - and this limitation is only regarding the raise action; not to limit service desk to access these requests.

Is there any way to set this? (I can't find it and I believe not)




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@Alberto M It would be a bit ugly, but a ProCap that branches on Portal Type or Source to a message to the User asking them not to use this CI might guide the User away.

I haven't tested this, but if the View is set to Portal Only, and no Customers subscribe to it, I would expect that it would not show to anyone on the Customer Portal, and it wouldn't be visible to the Service Desk.

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2 hours ago, Alberto M said:

Regarding the visibility, this should be something working at catalog item, and I believe the subscription is defined at service level, right?

Any CI can exclude groups, so if you add at least one group at the Service level, then exclude it at the CI level this should have the same effect.
Again, I've not tested this as I don't have a Customer Portal on my test Instance currently, but it should work in theory until a better option is available.


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