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"Portal Chat Session User" role has disappeared and others too?


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Hi Hornbill,

"Portal Chat Session User" role has disappeared, as you can see when my script added it to the newly created user via the API its make it a blank role.

When you try add other roles to this user, the big list of roles has now disappeared.

Is "Portal Chat Session User" meant to be there or is that a non-basic user role? I was lead to believe all users who want to use live chat in the Company Portal need it?





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@LifeOfJonny the role itself works fine for the user that has it, even if it appears with the X in the UI. So as long as the role was assigned (in some way) then it will work for that basic user to have live chat on portal. I'm not sure why the role can't be assigned to a basic user (it should be assignable) in the user profile interface. If you need this role assigned while we look into this, then you can assign the role to basic users starting from the role profile and use assign users from the role UI.

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Hi Victor,

We have "Portal Chat Session User" added to all our basic users, so they may have a live chat with our HR team. Far as I'm ware basic users need to be able to use this feature of Hornbill.


I've now looked at an account which has been in the system for ages now, and has this problem. Good to hear the role is assigned though, but just not showing it right.




If you take the blank role "Portal chat role" off a user, you can't add it back via the UI.



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@LifeOfJonny so I've just been made aware (thanks @Mary) of the following Admin tool update deployed this morning:

This is the bit that explains it:

system - org structure - users: when viewing basic user only allow role assignments marked with priv level "basic"

This is why the roles list you see there only display those. The "Portal Chat Session User" role is a "Guest" privilege type of role, this is why it does not appear in the list and why the UI displays it with the X. I have asked our dev team if the above fix should have included roles with basic and lower privilege access (meaning not exclusively basic).

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