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Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

I'm trying to set up a View using the Advanced Search option in the request list in Service Manager. 

All I want to do is to find all of the requests which are assigned to the 'Credit Team' group. 

When I try to select the Credit Team name, I don't get any options:



I thought the answer was to add myself as a member of this team, which DOES work. However, I then thought that I'm NOT a member of the 'Supporting Teams' list which DOES pop up on this list:




So, my question is, how come Credit Team doesn't show up on my list when I search for it? 



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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi @Victor

Was this issue fixed in the update which came out yesterday? 

If so, then I'm afraid it hasn't sorted my problem out...I still don't see the 'Credit Team' in my list of Supporting Teams...



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