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Email won't update request

Paul Alexander

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I've got a couple of emails which won't update the parent ticket for some reason.

We get lots of emails from this contact on a daily basis, and, up until this morning, they've always automatically updated the parent request (the request ID is always in the subject line)

However, this morning I have two emails, with the request ID in the subject, which won't update automatically OR manually. If I try clicking the 'apply to request' button I get this:




The SR number is entered automatically, and I CAN find the request in Service Manager and it is in an Open status, but it's not showing as an option to update. 

I can't see that anything has been updated with the Service or any routing rules.

Any ideas please? 

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Just now, Paul Alexander said:

I can't even see this request when I try to manually update the request is what is confusing me!

@Paul Alexander this is most likely because the SQL query that runs behind the form does not return the result. Could also be why the routing rule do not apply it as the SQL for teh rule also fails to return a result. If this is the case we might have a defect here which needs fixed but first it requires investigation so I would say https://www.hornbill.com/support ...

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