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service 'slowness' this morning


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Afternoon all,

The team have been noticing some 'slowness' in populating drop down, or loading pages recently, it was particularly noticeable this morning.

Is there anything obvious that might have been causing that? instance is uopservicedesk.

The team are all at home, so a common connectivity issue our end seems less likely than normal. While some were VPN'd not all were.

The team also noted other websites didn't have issues at the same time.

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No there were no issues yesterday and no unexpected load (Mondays issue was due to migration to new SQL servers and the root cause identiifed and resolved by Monday afternoon) and all our monitoring showed no issues.  Were you able to obtain a copy of the System Ping check so we can see where any problem may reside. 


Kind Regards

Keith Stevenson

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