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Creating 'templated' requests


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Good Morning,

We have a requirement to provide a list of templated Change Requests, Standard changes that have been pre-authorised and are routine and repeatable. Much of the details will be pre-populated, with perhaps only a few fields requiring input, the change will also not go through the authorisation steps all other changes do.

Can someone point me in the right direct on where to start investigating this, and if it's something anyone else does in their organisation?

I've had a search and creating 'Catalog Items' for given services seems the most likely way forward, but would appreciate some input before we start going down the wrong path.

Many thanks


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Hi Nick,

Thanks for your post.  I would agree that a way forward at the moment is to use Request Catalog Items along with Progressive Capture and a Workflow to create and populate the majority of information for standard requests.

You could use the Raise Linked Request which will copy over some of the information from the original request, but at the moment the information that is copied across is limited.  We are looking to expand on this.  There is also the use of Custom Buttons were you can add an Auto Task which would run a Hornbill Automation to create a new request, based on the request it is being raised from.  However, with these an existing request needs to be in place with the information.  We are also looking into options to a "Copy" of a request, but this too will have its challenges as it may not give you the opportunity to set the information prior to the request being added.



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