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How to Swap Licenses

Sandip Bhogal

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@Sandip Bhogal it depends what licenses you have for the new user. There can be 2 scenarios:

1. The new user has a Collaboration license/subscription and it only needs a Service Manager license/subscription to access application functionality

In the scenario, you can simply remove the application subscription form the existing user and allocate this application subscription to the new user. This can be done in Home -> Applications -> Hornbill Service Manager -> Application Subscriptions.

Doing this means the existing or previous user (who now no longer has an application subscription) will not be able to access the system.

2. The new user does not have a Collaboration license/subscription and neither a Service Manager license/subscription

In this scenario, things are a bit more complicated as we would need first to free up a Collaboration license (Core license) first. This can only be done by archiving the existing user, this is the only method to free up a Collaboration license. Archiving a use can be done from the user profile in Home -> System -> Organisational Data -> Users. Edit the user and change the Status from Active to Archived. When a user is archived it is automatically removed from any application subscription so you won't have to manually do this like in the scenario 1. Now you can add the new user in the system and then allocate an application subscription to it.

Doing this means the existing or previous user (who now is archived) will not be able to access the system.

In either scenario, the existing roles associated with the (previous) user will remain in place.


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