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Favourites - Prefix Favourite With Domain Name


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We have noticed that as we add more domains to our instance there is a greater likelihood of confusing end users by presenting services that are not clearly identifiable as belonging to one domain rather than another

For example: Purchasing, General Enquiries

We have worked around the ambiguity by prefixing some services with the domain name however with more domains being added it would be more efficient to present favourites with the domain prefix that the respective favourite belongs to.

When browsing to the domain the prefix would not be needed, but when looking at all favourites the favourites are not as easy to distinguish so this prefix would be really useful.

Many thanks

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Thank you for coming back to me, sorry if I was unclear.

As things stand when you log in on self service and pick a domain you are presented with a list of services and these services can be named anything.

This is fine if you have one domain but as you add more domains it is not necessarily clear which domain each service belongs to when added as a favourite (for example Requests or Faults/General Enquiry/Procurement)

We have identified ambiguous services and manually prefixed them with the domain (as in the screenshot) however this is not ideal:

  • When going to the domain, eg ICT then you would see services that would not need a prefix
  • Service names could have an inconsistent naming structure if you prefix only the ambiguously named services
  • When adding new domains you would need to recheck and rename services again

You could present favourites within the respective domains and filtered for those domains but I believe that the purpose of favourites is to make the service available with as few clicks as possible.

I am looking for a way to easily identify the domain of a favourite when viewing all favourites together, maybe there's a better way than adding a prefix?

Many thanks



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