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Ability to see which Business Processes Use an Email Template

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We have tried to ensure that no draft email templates have been set against any of our Business Processes.

This is potentially a lengthy process and I think it would be beneficial to be able to see from within Email Templates which Business Processes make use of each respective template.

Many thanks

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If you have access to the Admin module and database direct, you can run the following query, just change THE-NAME-OF-THE-DRAFT-TEMPLATE-GOES-HERE to whatever your template is called:
SELECT h_title FROM h_bpm_processes where h_application = 'com.hornbill.servicemanager' and h_active = 1 and h_xml like '%<parameter><param>emailTemplate</param><action>set</action><value>THE-NAME-OF-THE-DRAFT-TEMPLATE-GOES-HERE</value></parameter>%'

Or, if all draft templates are named something with "draft" you can use the below although this makes it a lot slower

SELECT h_title FROM h_bpm_processes where h_application = 'com.hornbill.servicemanager' and h_active = 1 and h_xml like '%<parameter><param>emailTemplate</param><action>set</action><value>%draft%</value></parameter>%'


This will provide you a list of BPM's.

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@AlexOnTheHill @HHH in a release to our admin console (Scheduled for next week), we will be introducing a Search option on your business processes.  

This feature will allow you to enter a search term, and this will search all attributes of all nodes in all your processes, and then return a list of processes which match, and a count of the nodes inside each process which have a matching term.

So in this example if you have the name of the EMAIL TEMPLATE you can search for this, and the results will list all processes, and the number of nodes in those processes where there is a match.

* Caveat to the above - the search is not specific to any specific type of node or context, so if you have an email template called Support, but you also had teams called Support, or used the term Support in a description for a task or approval description in the nodes, all of these will be returned as matches on the search term Support.

Keep an eye out for the update next week

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