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User Availability - unable to edit tick boxes for standard entries

Martyn Houghton

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We do not appear to have permissions or the capability to be able to up the the controls against the standard entries in the 'User Availability' screen in the Admin Tool. For example 'At Lunch' we would want to turn of 'Present at Work' and turn on 'Do Not Disturb', so that our users do not get allocated request by auto assign when they are at lunch.


Similarly there will be other standard entries (e.g. Out of the Office which is definitely not 'Present at Work') we will want to override the controls against the standard entries. We should not have to create duplicate custom entries just to be able to modify the controls. We just need the ability to modify the default control set when the new feature was introduced.





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@Martyn Houghton,

The Auto Assign operation will not use the new availability states. We had initially released a version that respected the new availability states (i.e. Present At Work, Is Working Time etc.) but it was requested by @sprasad and others to revert the behaviour back to only assign Requests when the users' status is set to "Available". We have not incorporated the availability states into Service Manager yet and based on the feedback we received, this certainly needs to be controlled at the Service Manager level rather than the System level.

Currently it is not possible to edit the OOTB availability states but you can choose to not use "At Lunch" and create your own custom availability state based on the desired flags configuration.


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4 hours ago, Martyn Houghton said:
  • As long as the users availability is set to 'Available' the auto assign (round robin/most available analyst) will include them irrespective of any of the new ticks.
  • Nothing other than for display purposes actually make use of the sub setting set by the ticks.
  • Yes
  • Yes.  It is possible that other apps will make more use of these options in the future.


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