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Unable to add a team to a filter without membership


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Since yesterday my colleagues and I have noticed that it is no longer possible to set up a new view with filters for any team other than the team I am a member of.

Existing views that filtered for other teams also no longer work.

If I pick the All my services view I can sort by team but not filter by any team other than the team I belong to, in fact I can see it is using My Teams to select a team to filter by

Many thanks


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I don't think we have made a change to team membership to all users across the board, users who successfully defined views last week cannot use those views this week.

Also, what would be the benefit of preventing users from filtering calls assigned to a specific team if they can already see calls allocated to that team in All My Services?

Is there a setting that controls the availability of this filter that could have been changed?

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First, we need to confirm there hasn't been recent modifications to team memberships on your instance.  Your admin is best placed to confirm this. 

Views take team membership into account. If you were a member of  teamA last week and a view was created which is visible to members of teamA, you will have access to that view. If you are no longer a member of teamA,  you will no longer has access to that view.

The group filters are defined in https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Request_List_Filters . 




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The thing that appears to have changed is the list of teams that our users are able to filter by, it used to be All Teams and this week it is My Teams.

My own user account has never been associated with all teams, my account is confirmed as not changed by admin, last week I could filter by any team and this week I can only filter by the teams I work with.

I have checked with one of our champions and he successfully set up a view for a team he has never belonged to during training but now cannot use that view.

I have checked that the teams I am allocated to are supporting teams for all other teams so if my team supports those teams why would they be unavailable to filter by?

This is also not to say that we have lost visibility of the calls themselves, they are visible and accessible via All My Services, we just cannot filter by these teams.

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Hi Alex,

The team selection is broken down into two sections within this one pick list.  My Teams and Supporting Teams.  The My Teams being the teams that the user is a member of and the Supporting Teams being those teams that support the same services that you do.

As you say, you can still see the calls in your request list when using the All My Services option, so this implies that you are supporting the same services and therefore the teams that support the same services as you should be displayed in this bottom section of the Search a Team pick list.  

Just to test, could you make the Team column visible in your request list and then compare the team names that you see in your list to those that are available in this pick list on the View conditions?



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@James Ainsworth

At the start of this week the only teams which were visible were the teams we were a member of. None of the supporting teams were visible.

My own team is a supporting team for all teams so the drop down should have shown a long list rather than just the teams I am a member of.

During testing we found that if we added a test service and added my team to it in the list of supporting teams for it then supporting teams magically reappeared for myself so there appeared to be an underlying problem.

I have seen that the support reference IN00164184 has been closed however and the affected user is still affected

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