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What's the BPM "value" for a checked single checkbox.


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How do I get the BPM to check if an organisation custom field, which is a single checkbox, is checked?
I tried using "is set" but if I check it and later uncheck it, it still appears to be "is set" by the BPM.
Can someone clarify this please.

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I found the answer myself by checking the database.
I look for "contains true". This works.
Before it's touched it's NULL (not set) after someones checks/unchecks the box it set to true or false respectively which is why it remained set.
It may be that the boolean true also is interpreted as a 1 as @Alberto M pointed out but I haven't tried this.

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@HHH The Not Set value is, as you've found, there to cater for null values, any other value is classed as Set.

Generally speaking, 0 is classed as false and any other value as true, but it's always worth checking either in the database or by outputting to the timeline during testing.

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