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PCF Injecting details


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I notice that you can enter the details of the session user into the PCF form, which is useful for when the form is completed via self-service but I was wondering if when you raise this as an analyst these can pick up the details of the customer rather than the analyst completing the details? I hope that it makes sense....

This is the self service option when I am logged in:

But via the Raise Request if I pull the same PCF into the view then is does the same, but we would rather this was the customers details:

i.e. this should say beth.davis@port.ac.uk not my email address.

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I'm not sure if the variables are there to support this, but as you want different information to be displayed depending on where the progressive capture is being run, you would have to have a branch based on source, and then for the portal you would use the session variables, and then for the support team we would need to see if there are variables that would show the customer's information.


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