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Bulletin question

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

We have created a new bulletin today where we wanted to display 5 web links for our Customers to view / use. However, when making it live due we are only seeing 3 of the 5 URLs but when reviewing the configuration for the bulletin it does confirm that we have 9 characters remaining so I would expect all the text to show in the bulletin?

Many thanks

(sorry forgot to add I fixed it by removing the duplicated text 'To see what this means etc' but just wanted to understand why not showing all the text even though 10 characters remaining for future reference)

First image shows the configuration confirming 10 characters remaining:


How this shows on the Bulletin:


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@Adrian Simpkins

As you have found the actual restriction is more on the number of lines you can display in the bulletin text area, rather than the database field limit which just restrictions the number of characters.

This one of the number of reasons we have been asked the Bulletins feature to be expanded to allow for greater content and make it more useful.




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