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Unable to validate user credentials


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I have changed a user from basic to user today, given them all the correct roles but I get the error unable to validate user credentials box. We don't have sso or anything. I have added him to organisations. I know a similar post mentioned it was the email address had been used multiple times, but I cant see that anywhere?

Not sure if anyone has had similar 

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your post.

The key role for any user is the Collaboration Role.  This is the only role that is needed to login. I think the next thing to look at is if their account is suspended.  You can do a quick filter on suspended account to see if this is the case.  You can then select the checkbox next to the name and then use the Reactivate option.


On this same form, you can check the subscription utilization.

If the account is active and they have a subscription, then they could possibly go through the forgot password sets from the login screen.  Just in case it is a password issue.

Let us know if they are still having issues and the above hasn't helped.







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