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"last seen at" lunch - on Co-worker information


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Hi All, Couple of questions about Co-workers:

1) On my details I can see "last seen at" and a google map, date and time, although I can't see it on other co-workers. I'm an Admin. Thing is that the users/customers were not made aware that we are collecting this info, and I didn't include it in my DPIA. Does the system collect location info on people? Is it possible to stop doing that?

2) All the co-workers in my system have "at lunch" against their record whether available or not. Where does that come from?




1 At Lunch.png

2 last seen at.png

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Hi Joe

I believe this has been raised previously (the at lunch issue) as I have the same issue on my database, and currently awaiting an update as to when this will be fixed from Ehsan

No idea about the location part, I will let someone else comment  :)


Many thanks


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Guest Paul Davis

Hi, the location information has always been presented and you can see where you last reported it from the Settings page in your Buzz. Users can disable or restrict its reporting from their mobile device. In the case of an iPhone,  from Settings>Privacy>Location Services. More information at https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Hornbill_Mobile


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Hi Adrian,

Here is a little be more information...

  • The "Last Known Location" is only applicable to the mobile app.
  • If you don't see the "Last Known Location" on a user's profile, this is because no location information has been captured.
  • The "Last Known Location" service on the mobile app is off by default when the mobile app is installed.  This needs to be enabled by the individual user
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