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Connection Email Template against Service


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I would like to request have the functionality that will send an email via a template to a Connection once they are added to the request.

These templates should be configured based on the Connection Types and should only be enabled if the Connection Type allows the user to view the request.  I have mocked something up here in one of my Services.

When a Connection of a particular type is added or changed to a Request, it should fire one of the Templates based on the Request Type and Connection Type IF

  1. An option in the BPM node / PCF node is enabled to send an email to added Connections when the request is Raised or when the BPM reaches that part of the process.
  2. When Adding a Connection via a request, the option to send an email is ticked
  3. Alternatively have a Global parameter that will force this on all the time.

This can of course be added for other Request Types.

Also in the Email Templates we should be able to return the name (and other details) of the Connection.

This is particularly useful to inform users when they've been added to a request as a Connection.  This is next to impossible to do via a BPM as the Connections could be added at any stage so automating this would not be easy, unless there is a way to trigger a BPM (a bit like Auto-Tasks) that triggers based on the Add Connection event, but not tied to the Request BPM (but can still update the Request).



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Guest Paul Alexander

+1 - we're going to start using connections a lot more when we start using the Company Portal, so these notifications will be very helpful

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