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Dark Mode for Users With Visual Impairment


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I have a user with visual impairment who has asked if it would be possible to have a dark mode to help them to better make use of the system.

Currently this user uses the dark mode in Outlook Webmail and would like something just like that in Hornbill.

We have explored the in built accessibility options in Windows and have tried using a dark mode extension for Chrome but these are not ideal solutions.

I have seen that there is an experimental dark mode in Hornbill but colours are not changed meaning that light colours that are subtle against a light background clash against a dark one.

I hope this is something you could look at developing because I am sure this would be of use to other users with visual Impairment or even regular users who prefer a dark mode.

Many thanks

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Hi Alex,

There is an option within the user's profile to enable Dark Mode.  It also requires Dark Mode to be enabled on the browser.  This is an experimental feature so you may find that there are some places where not everything has been changed to work with Dark Mode, but we are addressing some of these areas over time.  



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