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Hiding a checkpoint stage in a BPM

Gemma Morrison

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Within a BPM I know you can skip a checkpoint stage, however this would still appear in the heads up display, would there be a way of potentially hiding a stage you do not require for that p0articlaur request at all?

The screenshot below shows 2 different stages 'amendment of supplier' and 'new supplier' I was wondering if it would be possible to hide either of these depending on the request that has been logged via the request category..

Skip a stage - bpm.jpg

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Hi Gemma, 

If I understand correctly, you are skipping entire stages.  So, in your example you are going straight to the end after the second stage?

I believe that this setting might help.  This typically works with the Next Stage node, so if you skip a stage using the Next Stage node,  it hides the stages that you skipped.  If you have an End node in your second stage instead of an Next Stage node, I'm not sure without testing if this setting still applies. 

Keep in mind that it would only hide the stage once it has been skipped.  




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@James Ainsworth Hi James, hope you are well. I have only just got round to looking into this setting! I have applied the setting and can't seem to figure out where to place the end node in order to skip certain checkpoint stages. In my picture screenshot above I am trying to skip 'amendment of supplier' for an example to then go straight to resolution and feedback... is this possible at all? 

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