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@Daniel Dekel yes I'm asking what Font is set in the Employee portal as it appears different to the service portal.

Employee Portal:


Service Portal:


The text on the employee portal, for the question looks more squashed together than that on the service portal.

If I remove the bold and sizing on my label it looks like this:


You can clearly see the label and field text look different.

I want to make all the text consistent so I need to know what I need to change enable to do this.



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Hi @Tina.Lapere,

The style of the Service portal is different tan the Employee one.

1 hour ago, Tina.Lapere said:

what Font is set in the Employee portal

-> The font we currently use in the Employee Portal is "Lucida Grande". I'm not sure how that will help you because you can't change the font.



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@Daniel Dekel Is it still the case that there is no choice for us to alter the font we display on our portals? I have been asked to align the font to the organisational standard which is "Segoe UI". Is there anything on the roadmap to introduce a choice for font per portal?

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