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Unable to translate fields for users view

James Gallally

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I have been asked to rename "Analyst" to "Technician" when looking at a request.

I've started the translate mode, but when I try an rename it (it lets me do it within the popup):



But when I click OK I get the following error:


I've tried editing it in the languages section of admin but that seems to make no difference:



Anyone able to advise me what I am missing?



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Hi James,

I have replicated your translation issue and reported it back to the development team.

The translation that you looked at from within the Admin tool has a different name as it starts with user.view.asset.user...  It's possible that this is the correct key but it doesn't match what is in that form, resulting in the error.

To help with translations, you can search on the term Analyst  in the translation section in the Admin Tool.  This should help you find some of the other places where this is used.




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