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Enabling Automatic backups by default

James Gallally

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Hi James,

This setting is what controls the top option Activate this Feature. The default is turned on so I'm assuming that this is already the case.



The second setting Activate on this computer  is directly related to the popup.  The backup information is stored locally as part of your browser data.  The popup can reappear if you move to another computer where this was not enabled or if you clear down all of your browser cookies and cached files.  The action of turning this on through either the popup or the toggle on the user profile will save the required information to your local machine to enable the feature and start storing a backup of the post data.  The popup is there to prevent the chance of someone logging in on a public or shared computer and leaving private information on that computer.

You can always turn off the setting webapp.view.isAutomaticBackupsInAllMyComputers which would turn the setting off for all users and stop the popups.  Individual users can then choose to turn this feature on from their profile if they want to take advantage of it.  

Hope that helps.



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