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Searching for a request

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

I note we are now able to search for a request by just using the end digits (e.g. SR00012345 just enter 12345). 

However I note this only works in the request list filter and doesn't appear to work in the top filter (image below) - is this the expected behaviour or should we be able to search in both with just the end digits?

Many thanks


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Hi Adrian,

Yes, this is expected behaviour.  The Global Search uses our indexing services for performance when searching large number of requests, whereas the filter is simply filtering on your request list.  There are limitations with using wildcards at the start of a string when using the Global Search, therefor you need to include the prefix.

In both methods above, you are provided with a results list and then you have to open the request.

If you know the ID or someone is giving you an ID over the phone, try using the Quick Search.  You can access this from anywhere in Hornbill using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F. This also does not need the prefix or leading zeros.  Providing that you have the reference number correct, it will open the request.  No results list.  Just straight to the request.


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