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All authorisations cancelled if issue with one user

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I have an issue with a BPM that has (wait for it.......) 25 authorisation nodes in a parallel process. One of the users had their account set to basic (due to an issue with LDAP import I had last night, that is a whole other thing) and when the process got to that node it cancelled all open authorisations and threw an error.

Now there are two users in each node, both with 100% weighting, for a total of 50 authorisation tasks. It cancelled most and then when I fixed the issue and restarted the process, created the ones after that node. The issue I have now is that the parallel process cannot finish as most of the nodes have been cancelled. So I have no way to move this process forward and will no doubt have to ask the user to re-raise. 

Can we have some logic behind the process that states IF a user fails for any reason and they are the ONLY user in the node then fail, otherwise carry on with the users you have AND do not cancel the existing nodes as it makes being able to fix in-flight requests useless. 

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