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New users not appearing


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Good afternoon,

We have noticed that two new starters, since July are not appearing in Hornbill Service Manager. I imagine a link has broken somewhere? 

Is there anywhere we can check please? We have not had this issue in the last 5 years so unsure where to go to investigate. 



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Hi Andy, first thing I would check is to ensure the LDAP process has run as expected. If it has run with no issues, there should be a log file to review which hopefully would shed further light on the 2 missing users (Our log files sit on our servers where we run the LDAP service from so I would presume your setup may be the same)


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Hi Andy

As you have no LDAP configuration setup here I am unsure how your accounts were syncing previously, but i would presume  you may be running on an older setup for Hornbill which may not have been configured via the Data Import Configuration tab in Admin (just an assumption on my part) so I would not know where to check for you in this instance.

Hopefully someone else or someone from Hornbill can advise further


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If there's no import config in the Admin Console it either means that the config has been deleted or that you don't have one - as you mention you've had no problems for 5 years I suspect that you're running a really old version of the Import Tool that uses a .json config file stored on the server it's running on.

This will be something you set up in house, so you'll need to locate the LDAP User Import Utility (ldap_import.exe) and update with the latest version.
You can import your existing json file to create the config in the Admin Tool, although you will need to review the settings alongside the documentation to ensure you're using the latest updates and features.

In the unlikely event that the config was deleted, you'll still want to upgrade to the latest version as that means you have the latest updates and improvements.

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