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Afternoon All

Apologies, another query I am afraid.  I have created a report that shows the details of all tasks on all projects which includes who a task is assigned to, from the table 'h_sys_tasks'.  The result is bringing back the engineers staff id but I require the staff members full name so I have added the first name and last name columns from the 'h_sys_accounts' table.  However the first and last name that is coming back does not match the assigned to name.  Please would it be possible for some assistance with this and where I am going wrong?  Thank you in advance, your assistance as always is very much appreciated.

Kind Regards

Ann Green

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Hi @Ann

The reason for this is because the h_sys_accounts table was joined on the Owner of the task rather than the Assignee of the task. 
I have corrected this in the Join Criteria as follows:



If you have any issues, I have also provided the amended definition of the report that you can upload onto your instance (I have removed any references to actual names) - so hopefully you'll see this is now working!

Kind Regards



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