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Morning All

I have created a report to show all the tasks for a Project.  I am trying to add a filter where by I am prompted to enter the Project name, however unless the project name is entered exactly 0 results are bought back.  Is there a way of setting up the filter to prompt a list of all project names so that the correct one can be selected, or part of the project name to be entered and results to return?  Thank you.

Kind Regards

Ann Green

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Hi @Ann

You can have a dropdown list - set up in the same way as I've described in this post: 

You would give the list a separate name, and instead of adding users names, you would instead add the Project Titles (to both the Value and the Display sections of the list).
The downside is that you would have to remember to manually add a new item to the list every time a new project was created for it to appear in this list. We don't have a way of dynamically populating this directly from Project Manager at the moment. 


In terms of searching for a key word or string instead of the EXACT string - this is possible too. 
You would need to change your criteria to match the below screenshot - you will notice that I have added a prompt and used the "value is Like" instead of equals


When prompted, you will need to use include the % sign as a wildcard operator too
For example, if you were search for all projects with the word Office somewhere in the title:

  • %office%  - This would return project names with the word "office" ANYWHERE in the project title
  • office% - This would return project names with the word "office" as the FIRST WORD in the project title
  • %office - This would return project names where the word "office" has something PRECEDING IT in the project title

This will also work for multiple word strings e.g. %Office 365% 

I have attached an example definition based on your report to show this in action

Kind Regards






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