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Hope you are all well.  I have another question I am afraid.  I have created a report which brings back the tasks assigned to an engineer.  I am using the table 'h_sys_tasks' and the column I am having issues with is 'Assigned To'.  When | complete a preview the results for the column 'Assigned To' are showing with urn:sys:user: before the person's ID, so when completing a report on a specific engineer the urn:sys:user has to be entered as well.  How can I get the report to only show the engineer's ID please?  Thank you.

Kind Regards

Ann Green

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Hi @Ann

Firstly, I don’t think you need quite so many tables in your report. A lot of them have been included when they aren’t actually required (for example you have tables relating to tags, milestones and time spent – when your report only appears to be related to tasks against your project). I think this might have been returning some incorrect results too, so I have trimmed this down a bit.

I have two solutions for you. In order to achieve the method that you originally requested, you can join the h_sys_accounts table to the h_sys_tasks table using a CONCAT (concatenation) function. Doing this means that instead of selecting the assignee from the tasks table (which has the additional prefix of urn:sys:user: ), we instead type just the user ID instead which is a bit more user friendly. 

To see an example of this, please upload the attached file  AG - Tasks assigned to an engineer - Manual Input to your instance and you can see what this looks like. 


However, another potential way of doing this – is to present a DROPDOWN list of names rather than asking for an ID to be selected. 
To do this:

1)    Navigate to Admin  Applications  Project Manager  Simple Lists
2)    Create a new simple list called something like “REPORT – Assignees”
3)    In the simple list, create the users
a.    In the VALUE section put the full ID of the user including “urn:sys:user:”
b.    In the DISPLAY section put a user friendly name



4)    When complete navigate back to your report and the User Prompt filter section
5)    Instead of “Text Input Box” select “Simple List Control” and beneath it, select your newly created simple list



6)    Now, when you run the report, you should see a nice dropdown of the user friendly names – so no need to type at all.




There will be a task to potentially add all these names up front, and then maintain the list when new assignees join or leave the business – but it’s an additional option for you. 

If you would like to try this, please create the Simple List as per steps 1-3 above, and then upload the attached report called 
AG - Tasks assigned to an engineer - Simple List 
(you may need to then perform steps 4 and 5 to get this working)

Hope this helps,

Kind Regards

Bob Dickinson



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