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how to create report for last 7 days?

lee mcdermott

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I am trying to schedule a report so that it runs on a Friday afternoon to show all calls logged that week.

Is there any way to get it to run by using "last 7 days".

I currently have the below configured.

My problem is I need to get the weekly figures by Mid afternoon. So for example if it ran at 2pm, I will miss any calls logged between 2 and end of day at 5. Therefore not getting totally accurate figures.

What I hoped is if I schedule a report to run at 2pm every Friday  and it was for the last 7 days (i.e. the previous friday @ 2pm until the report runs on the friday @2pm) i will always be getting accurate figures in terms of a full week.

Is there anyway to configure the values below to be more granular rather than just the options available. I have been using "user prompted value" to manually select the dates and times, but ideally want to schedule it so save a repetitive job each week.




I hope that makes sense




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@lee mcdermott

You can use INTERVALS in your report filter. 

If your report is run at 14:00 on Fridays, using  (h_datelogged >= DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 168 HOUR)) AND (h_datelogged < CURDATE()) in your filter will return requests logged between 14:00 last Friday and 14:00 on the Friday when the report is run. 



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@lee mcdermott while the above is an option it is not the most friendly query that runs on the database... to get a weekly list of records, specifically from 7 days ago at HH:MM until today at HH:MM, you can use this (simpler) filter:


The subquery is not necessary as the filter is straightforward and you only need one to point the date logged to "current date/time - 7 days", no need to specify the date logged being less than current date/time, there won't be any records with a date logged past current date/time (future).

Mind you that the date/time DB values returned by the report are GMT/UTC (they are not converted to a timezone such as BST)

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