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Live switch over to Employee portal.

lee mcdermott

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Hi All,

There are numerous posts and a lot of info to take in, 

I am planning on switching over next week to make employee portal live. Can you confirm the steps I need to take are as below? Have I missed anything?

1.  Comms to customers

2. Change local URLS to direct to Employee portal (not a major issue due to hornbill auto redirects)

3. Change the following 2 settings to Employee Portal and ON


4. remove names from this section and tick to hide my services



5. All user just have these roles. Do they need any additional roles to allow them to access new URL?


I have set up the portal as required and configured it how I want it.


Many thanks


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@lee mcdermott looks like you have bases covered.

Couple of things you might want to look at

* Have you tried the portal as a basic user as well as a fully licensed subscriber? checked all services are mapped for a typical employee

* If your intending on using the employee mobile, then you'll need to look at - setting up a new SSO profile for the mobile - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Employee_Portal

Apart from that it sounds like your all set


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