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Scheduled Tasks no longer assigning.


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We quite heavily use the scheduled tasks for things like weekly and monthly checks and I have noticed a number of times over the past few months that the tasks are not assigning as per the setup. 

The templates for the task are configured to assign to a particular team and the setting is checked and confirmed when setting it on the schedule however, when the time arrives some of the tasks are then assigned to the account the created the schedule. 

I have tried recreating the tasks and templates and some still have the same issue. Anyone come across this or have any ideas? A lot of these tasks are audited and therefore this causes us great pain.

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I think it would be a tricky one to diagnose.  We would probably need to go through the logs at the time of the assignment to see if there are any errors that might indicate the root cause. If there has been an example in the last week you could raise it with the Support team.

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@Miro I have raised a support request for this as per @Deen suggestion but for your viewing pleasure below is the Template I am using. 


Below is the schedule it is on. 


And if I where to create it again, as I have done the details below are what show when picking the template. 


However, every time the scheduled task goes off it is assigned to the User: Service Desk

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@AndyHill thank you for your screenshots. 

Is it possible (just for test) to define a task against scheduler that will be run only once?
It should be a simple task with defined the same group (basically fields that are wrong) as you have in example and scheduler should be set to be run once and set time in next 5 min. 

If you could post what you see in assigned field after task is being created by scheduler.

Thank you,


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