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Data Query Co-workers Failing with Auto Authorisation

Foley Coker

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Hello All,


We currently have a number of processes utilizing the automation for authorization, with the data query in the procap set to co-workers alone, and then using the raw value for the authorization node to send an email to the selected person.

This in theory would work well as our cost center managers would all have a collaboration license for this purpose. 

Although there is the ability to use external authorization with an email input, this extra level of protection was deemed more suitable. However, in practice, it appears that the data query in the procap even if set at co-workers is allowing the customer to select basic users. The selection works when a actual user with the license is selected, but it should not present the basic users. This in turn causes the request to fail every time it reaches the authorization node as there is no collaboration license for the basic user. 

is this a known error, or is there something else we can do to ensure they are only able to select the collaboration licensed users through that data query?


Thank you,


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Guest Mohamed

Hi @Foley Coker

A new data entity option has been added which will return only Colleagues and not Basic Users


It should be in the next build of Service Manager. Hope that helps :) 



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