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Description not updating

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I have a BPM that updates the description field from custom fields. This all worked fine before I went on leave and now it seems to have stopped. 

I haven't changed anything and I cant work out why it isn't working.

Basically I map questions to a text block and stick it all in custom field 40,

Delivery team: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Delivery_Team")]
Change type: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Type_of_change")]
Change title: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Change_Title")]
Change description: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","h_description")]
Sponsor: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Sponsor")]
Group entity: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Group_Entity")]
Business area: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Business_Area")]

Problem statement: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Problem_Statement")]
High level requirements: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","High_Level_Requirements")]
Known cost: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Known_Cost")]
Known cost description: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Known_Cost_Desc")]
Known tangible benefit: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Known_Tangible_Benefit")]
Known tangible benefit description: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Known_Tangible_Desc")]

depending on what questions they answered and what dynamic questions they were presented with, I may also map data to custom fields 39 and 38. This is then all used to update the description like this (I use decision nodes to add 39 and 38 if required):


Thing is our IT Change form is part of this and still works (this is mapped to custom 40):

Change type: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Change_Type_IT")]
Change title: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Change_Title")]
Change description: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","h_description")]

Reason for change: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Reason_IT")]
Consequence of NOT doing the change: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Consequence_No_Change_IT")]
Proposed date & time of implementation: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Proposed_Date_Time_IT")]

Business impact: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Business_Impact_IT")]
Impact assessment: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","IA_IT")]
Business risk: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Risk_IT")]
Risk assessment: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Risk_Assessment_IT")]

Back out process: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Back_Out_IT")]
Backup details: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Back_Up_IT")]
Outage details: &[functions.pcf("Change_Control","Outage_Details_IT")]

I would have thought that even if the variables were blank the custom field would still contain the text I have entered.

Here is a screen shot of the workflow (for those sadistic people) issue area highlighted in red. Ignore the yellow triangle, its because I have maths in there:


Any ideas? 


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Hi @Dan Munns

we identified an issue with h_custom_40 not being populated.  The issue has been addressed and fixed and it will be available with the next build.

As far the custom fields 38, 39 we were unable to replicate the issue, so should it happen again please let us know cause we need to investigate deeper under which conditions these 2 custom field are not populated.



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