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Is it possible to auto-close a request after a certain time


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I was wondering if it is possible to automatically close a call if it has been active for certain period of time?

For example if an incident was raised 2 weeks ago and the company has a policy to close all active (open, new, on hold etc.) incidents that are over 2 weeks old.

Would this have to be done in a workflow or is there a setting in Hornbill that does this?

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Hi Tom,

While we have some options for auto-closing a ticket after a set period of time, I'm not sure it would work in your scenario.  The option I'm referring to is using a Hornbill Automation in the BPM that it typically used to auto-close a ticket once it is in a resolved state.  It is a suspend automation called Wait for Status Change.  Using this automation works well at the end of a BPM, but I can't see it working for the entire life of the ticket.

This is where Service Level Targets would normally come in.  You can set a service level target of 2 weeks, giving the service desk team the goal to have them closed within 2 weeks, and you can easily see the tickets that have gone past this two weeks to identify why they haven't been closed.  But, this won't automatically close the ticket.  


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