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Auto add attachments from email

lee mcdermott

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When raising a request from email, is there a way that an attachment on the email can be automatically added to the request?

Or do you have to download it, log the request than upload it?


The option to add attachment only seems to be for already existing requests (not new ones)





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@lee mcdermott if you are manually raising a request from email - if so in the progressive capture you are using, if you include the Attachment pc form, you will see the email's attachments presented to you, they are auto added, you can choose which to remove (if any), before raising the request 

Orignal email


PC with attachments form



If you are using routing rules once a request is raised, and you want emails relating to the same request to auto update the request ,you can also use these settings to allow any attachments to an email updating a ticket, to also automatically add any attachments to the email 

Admin Console > Apps > Service Manager > Settings

  • app.email.routing.rules.update.addAttachments.IN
  • app.email.routing.rules.update.addAttachments.SR
  • app.email.routing.rules.update.addAttachments.CH
  • app.email.routing.rules.update.addAttachments.PR


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