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Hide the Finish button in a PC


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I want to be able to hide the finish button in a progressive capture.

I have PCs that contain links to other catalog items, allowing me to only display a couple of buttons for the end user but with links to a choice of what the users want to do.

This works fine unless they click the finish button which logs a blank request.  To be able to hide it from these PCs would be really helpful.

I did find another thread on this but it was bit old (2017) so hoped maybe this had been requested since.



casehandling demo.PNG

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I believe that the "Finsh" button is basically linked to the "End" node in the ProCap (Not precisely, but effectively, at least)

I'd suggest changing the way your ProCap works to utilise the "Switch Capture" node, by changing the options from direct links to a drop-down list, branching on that value, and then switching to the relevant Progressive Capture.

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