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Team Assignment Notification Configuration


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Good morning, 

I had an enquiry around the guest.app.requests.notificationType.assignmentTeam setting which we've asked to be turned on from day one to ensure the whole team is notified when a ticket is assigned to a Team.

Recently, we have been asked to make these teams available to other team members in order to enable ticket visibility across the whole system. Doing this however has caused these users to received a large number of emails. With this being the case, we have reverted the change and taken these users out of these teams until we understand how to correctly configure this.

I've raised the suggestion to simply change the guest.app.requests.notificationType.assignmentTeam from "both" to "none", but I was advised that we require these notifications for the Teams therefore we cannot simply turn them off.

I would like to know if I can keep the guest.app.requests.notificationType.assignmentTeam setting set to "Both" but not include some members of the Team to receive these notifications?



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@aykut.boyraz there is the alternative approach of allowing each agent to specify their notification preferences - therefore the teams that need them, leave them on, and those that don't or members of teams thay don't can turn them off.  



This setting would via a users profile allow for individuals to set these globally


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We have Supportworks and handle team notifications in a slightly different way. At the top level for each team, we setup a dummy user (that never logs in) as an e-mail distribution. So when a call either auto routes to that queue or is manually re-assigned to the queue, it triggers the e-mail.



We don't have individual e-mails coming to the support agents, only to the one agent, the e-mail address is filled in as a group e-mail address.

for those not wishing to receive them, they can add a exchange e-mail rule to deal with them accordingly.

That may provide you with another view on achieving your goal.




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Hi @Simon Sharkey,


Thank you for that! That definitely gives us a new option to explore. 


Although the primary Service Desk team have auto-routing rules to manage their Hornbill generated emails in Outlook, the wider team who've asked for visibility of all tickets were overwhelmed when the notifications were turned on for them. 

The advice given by @Steven Boardman does make sense and once i've had a chance to fully test, I will hopefully be able to confirm.




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