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Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

I wanted to raise a couple of items that we would like to see if possible at all please :

- Currently we are running our CAB meeting from the Change Board, and if a request is authorised / declined / deferred we are capturing this in the Card Board Timeline (we manually move the card item on the board as well, depending on the outcome of the CAB review). Is there anyway that whatever we enter into the Card Board Timeline against a request can be added to the linked request? So that if we authorise a request in the CAB meeting and update the Card Board Timeline this is then shown in the request automatically. Currently, we are updating the Card Board Timeline then updating the request after CAB.

- Further to the above we wanted to see if there is anyway the activity on the actual change request for CAB authorisation can be shown in the Board somehow, as again we are agreeing/declining requests and updating the Card Board Timeline / dragging the card to the correct lane, then someone has to go into the actual change request to get the request up to the same point as the Change Board.

I can see some items that I action in a request update on the Card Timeline i.e. moving the card item on the board, so I am hoping there is some way to link back.

If there are any possible solutions for the above, or if someone else approach's CAB in a different way I would be very interested in your approach :)

Many thanks


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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

Unfortunately I don't think its possbile at the moment, the card timeline and the request timeline are seperate and there is no way of linking them.  We are hoping in the future to have the possibility of displaying the request timeline in place of the card timeline so that posting on the card will be the same as posting on the request but this is unlikely to be available in the near future.


Trevor H

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Hi Trevor

Thanks for confirming - this will allow us to tailor our approach knowing that this is not currently available. I will of course keep an eye on updates to the tool just in case this functionality becomes available.


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