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Milestone Start Dates


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Hope you are safe and well.  Please would it be possible to advise if there is a way or plans to add a start date to the Milestones?  We are currently reporting on these milestones but they do not currently have a start date, only a due date.  Thank you.

Kind Regards

Ann Green

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Thank you Alex.  We are currently looking at demand and our management have requested that a chart is produced to show all of the projects and their milestones in a graphical view to see how many milestones are being worked on and if there is room for any other projects to be taken on.  However with all of the milestones not having a start date we are unable to see where we have any gaps.

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@Ann We don't see milestones as having a start and an end date. Using a framework such as this: (PMI) as a guide, their definition of milestones is the same as how we see it:


"A milestone anticipates what the project is supposed to achieve at a pre-set date. It should describe a desired state of affairs, a desired future situation. There are two important aspects to this. First, the concept refers to a point in time, not a period of time. Second, it looks forward to what we want to create, not how we create it."

With that said, what I think you are actually after is a view much like the one we are about to include in the next Project Manager update. This view allows you to see all of your projects in the form of a gantt chart. Here is a screenshot that was taken a few days ago from one of our development systems. This may change slightly before going live, but hopefully it gives you a good idea of the functionality that's coming.

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 16.14.05.png


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