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Service Owner - more than one person

Adrian Simpkins

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I wanted to see if there were any options to have more than one Service Owner on a Service. Ideally we want to be able to grant Service Owner status to more than one person to ensure there is always someone who owns the Service available to make changes against it - mainly for maintaining and updating the current availability of a service if there is down time. Is this currently possible ? (was not sure if there was a setting perhaps that would amend this)

Many thanks

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

each service may have only one owner and its not currently possible to assign multiple owners.

Nonetheless, users with Services Manager role may still make changes to the service, if they satisfy the required conditions.

You may read more details on the following page:


Hope this helps




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Hi Armando

Thanks, I did not consider the role - however if I grant this does this mean that they access to the whole service portfolio, or is it still limited to the access they have under their logon so they can only amend appropriate services?


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