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New feature Notices

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

Thank you for this new feature, we have some planned uses for it.

However, I was hoping we would be able to link these Notices to trigger against a User account, rather than something we add manually to a request or via the BPM . Ideally what we would like is to be able to set an attribute against the User account so that when they raise a request the Notice comes up whenever someone actions the request. (We want to highlight our VIPs). From looking at the config options, I am guessing this is not possible? We do not have a separate service for our VIPs so inserting this into the general BPM will not work and I think a manual Notice will be missed as not everyone may know who is a VIP.


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@Adrian Simpkins you can still hold values in customer custom attribute fields. 

In your BPM you can check to see if there is a value in a specific customer custom attribute field, and if there is, you can automatically add a notice to NEW requests, which include the value from that custom field - I.E They are a VIP

This is an example i have added to the sandbox instance, where there is a value in the attribute 1 field, and it is then automatically shown - I have chosen not to look for specific text in my condition, as this leaves it open to using this logic for any important info i want to hold against the customer.






This then means the notice won't appear if there is nothing to highlight for the customer, but will show if there is.    I appreciate there are some use cases this won't cover, such as historic requests, or if info is added to a user after the request is logged, but hopefully this provides some value. 




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Hi @Steven Boardman   We have been using this method for a while to mark VIPs and pilot users.

I have gone to change the list today to add someone in and I can no longer see the "about" tab to change the custom attribute if they are a basic user. 

This seems to be after the update to the Hornbill Admin tool (1285)

Any ideas how I can change the attributes now?

Thanks Helen

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