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Is there a way to mark a team as the default team in Service Manager?

We have people that are in several teams and when assigning automatically etc it assigns to the team that is higher alphabetically and we would like to choose a default team and then have the requests default to being assigned there. Hope that this make sense?

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This is becoming a bit headache for us as we now schedule room checks each month and these default to the 2nd line team when these should assign to the site teams, but the analysts are in both so defaults to the highest alphabetically.

We are assigning the the correct team via the API but then once it logs the request they are dropped into the wrong queue even though we have coded the API to set to the correct team!

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I would like to know too, as have members across two teams, and it's the secondary team that they are in that an auto assigning of ticket go to.  The secondary team is first alphabetically too. 

Is there some code that needs to be tweaked for this, or is this something that can be added as a development, for people to chose an option when setting up queues etc?

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