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Cannot view email in timeline

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Please see attached screenshots that show side by side two requests

Timeline comparison:

Both have email timeline updates from the same sender for the same type of thing (quote for kit)

Email view comparison:

On the left hand request, the email can be opened for view

On the right hand request, the email cannot be accessed.


Why is this please?


Timeline comparison.PNG

Email view comparison.PNG

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@Steve Giller

I've checked.  That seems to be the issue.  Now, here's a conundrum:

If emails uploaded into a timeline are automatically put in the mailbox deleted folder, then we empty that folder, all emails in requests will suffer the same fate?

Any suggested solutions where we can differentiate between request emails - that should not be deleted - and other mailbox activity that can be permanently deleted without problem?

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@Steve Giller

OK, so currently our instance is set to store request related mail in the relevant mailbox Deleted Items folder of each of the 17 mailboxes we have integrated.

Please could you check and let me know if the steps below are correct for configuring our instance to instead start storing Request related emails in a dedicated folder called ‘Applied to requests’,

1. Go into each Hornbill Mailbox and create a folder called 'Applied to requests'

2. Change the setting servicemanager.email.archiveFolderName from 'Deleted Items' to 'Applied to requests' (Home>Applications>Hornbill Service Manager>Application Settings)

3. We don't need to change the servicemanager.email.archive setting - leave it ON

Once this is in place, any request related emails will from there on be stored in the relevant mailbox 'Applied to requests' folder.


If this is correct, we would need to create such a folder in any new mailbox we integrate with Hornbill to ensure these emails get stored there. 

Now, if we were to forget to do this (surely not ever?!), would the Hornbill just store request emails for that mailbox in the In Box?

Kind regards



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