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Failed to save downloaded content

Mark (ESC)

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When trying to download a report that has the completed status, I get the following error message.

Error - Failed to save downloaded content.

At the moment I am able to run reports, just not able to download either .csv or .pdf.

Thanks :wacko:

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Hi Mark,

 just to conclude this thread, I can confirm that there an issue existed which prevented reports from being downloaded via the interface in Hornbill Administration. I believe the issue would prevent some users from downloading the report altogether, but with others the error would only manifest itself when trying to open the report following the download.

I can confirm that the fix was pushed to live this morning in Hornbill Administration build 1266.

If you continue to experience this issue please let us know by posting back.


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Hi Dan,

We're still experiencing the same issue but only in IE

We've had the latest update - Hornbill Administration build 1266 - applied as well as the most recent build:

Hornbill Administration - 2020-07-21 07:02:48 (Build 1270)

Is this still being investigated?

The issue occurs when downloading the report (any file type) from Hornbill Administration.





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