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Mandatory checklist - but only SOME of the checklist!

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

I'm adding a checklist to an activity, but only SOME of the items on this list should be mandatory - 

I know I can mark a checklist so that, if it's not complete, then the activity can't be completed. But is there a way of splitting a checklist so that a portion of it contains 'mandatory' items, and the other half has 'optional' items? 

If not, could this be looked at as an option please? 


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Hi @Paul Alexander,

This option is not available.

We started with the checklist as a simple visualisation feature and later on we've introduced the flag to make it mandatory.

I've been discussing about your request with the team and we all agreed that this feature will make both, the configuration of the activity and the completion over-complicated.

I'm sorry but it won't be implemented.



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