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I am new to this area of the system so excuse me if this has already been addressed.

Is it possible for us to have Sub-Libraries? We currently only seem to be able to go 1 level deep whereas we would like a concept of sub-folders.

This would help us enormously in being able to structure dozens of docs and make them easier to group. We have held back from using Doc Manager as we don't want dozens and dozens of Libraries all at the same level.


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Unfortunately we don't have any concept of hierarchical folder structures in document manager.  One option is to use tagging against documents, as libraries can be filter by tag.

It is possible to add any number of tags to each document on the document property page.  When you view a Library you will see a list of all the tags that are associated with documents in that library at the top of the list.  You are then able to filter that library for documents only containing a specific tag by clicking on that tag.

Hope this helps


Trevor H 



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