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Using Hornbill to manage planned work


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Afternoon all,

We're very new to Hornbill, whilst we work though our on-boarding plan (currently implementing our change process) I want to investigate other areas HB might be able to provide us with value. Something my organisation does a lot is planned work, currently that piece of planned work would involve potentially multiple changes and multiple implementation tasks for various teams. Currently this would be planned/steps recorded in a spreadsheet. This can lead to issues, for instance the Service Desk might not realise they have a task as part of this planned work to E-mail the customer when the work starts/and another when the work has ended.

Does anyone use HB to manage similar pieces of work? I was thinking I could make a workspace for a given piece of planned work, but having had a play it doesn't seem quite right.

Many thanks


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Have you had a look at Hornbill Project Manager?  If you would like something a little less structured, you could also use Hornbill Board Manager.  Both these options include an Activity Stream (workspace) where users can collaborate.  They can also provide visibility of both task and requests.

Let me know if you would like some more information.

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