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Differing settings within Requests


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So the next strange thing that I have noticed, I have set up a new user and did some training today and they see this:

But everyone else sees this:

Not sure what is wrong as I have checked settings etc and they are the same, the imagery I don't mind but the on-hold statuses are missing for the new user and there is no list just 'Place On-Hold' as we have several setup Globally that should be appearing.

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Hi @Jeremy

The top screenshot is the view shown when the service details are not being returned (hence no icons/link/sub-statuses etc).  The reason for this will normally be one of...

  • Service has been deleted
  • User logged in does not have the relevant access/visibility to that service

Given that you're loading it correctly for existing users I'd guess its the service access for the new user.  I'd check first that the new user is within one of the supporting teams on the service, or are appropriately subscribed to the service etc.

Kind Regards,


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